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Oddsmakers see Patriots as potential landing spot in case Texans trade quarterback Deshaun Watson

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Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The NFL playoffs are still underway but the rumor mill is already working overtime, especially at the quarterback position. While the futures of players such as Philip Rivers, Carson Wentz and Jimmy Garoppolo are all in question, one name stands out above them all: Houston Texans starting QB Deshaun Watson.

While Watson should remain in Houston for years to come given that he just recently signed a four-year, $177.5 million contract extension and is one of the best young passers in football, rumors have been swirling around that the he would very much be unhappy with how the team recently filled its general manager position. Could this reported unhappiness lead to him asking for a trade?

That’s the multi-million dollar question, but if such a move indeed materializes the oddsmakers think that the New England Patriots might be one of the potential landing spots. According to, only the Miami Dolphins have better odds at bringing Watson aboard if a trade takes place:

Of course, that is all just speculation at this point in time but the Patriots have two arguments working for them. They have plenty of resources in terms of cap space and draft capital — two things Houston currently lacks — and also a good connection to the Texans’ front office: the team’s new GM, Nick Caserio, worked in New England for the past two decades.

That all being said, it still seems rather unlikely that Caserio would move on from a legitimate and proven franchise quarterback after just having taken on the job earlier this month. The odds should therefore have the Texans listed as the most likely team for Watson in 2021 and beyond.