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Julian Edelman congratulates Tom Brady on reaching his 14th conference championship game

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Even though he changed teams during the offseason and is now playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after two decades as the New England Patriots’ starting quarterback, Tom Brady’s success did not change: the greatest quarterback of all time is headed to yet another conference championship game after helping his team beat the New Orleans Saints in the divisional playoff round with a final score of 30-20.

Brady contributed three touchdowns along the way — two through the air and one on a quarterback sneak — and is thus able to celebrate his 14th ticket to the championship round. No other quarterback has made that many trips to the playoff semi finals, with only three others before him being able to make it thus far in both the AFC and the NFC.

Accordingly, one of Brady’s former teammates took to social media to congratulate the future Hall of Famer: wide receiver Julian Edelman shared a message on Instagram, accompanied by a picture of the two long-time teammates from last year’s Patriots game against the Cleveland Browns.