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Cordarrelle Patterson: Playing for the Patriots ‘taught me the way to practice and compete’

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New England Patriots Practice Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Cordarrelle Patterson and Darrelle Revis have a lot in common besides their similar-sounding first names and the fact that they were drafted in the first round. They also both spent one season each with the New England Patriots, winning a Super Bowl along the way.

That’s where the similarities seemingly end, however. Revis, who was with the Patriots in 2014, recently stated that he did not like his time with the organization. Patterson, on the other hand, spoke highly about his one year in New England in 2018 in a recent interview with Pro Football Focus’ Doug Kyed.

“That really taught me the way to practice and compete and all that stuff,” Patterson said. “When you go over there it’s like, ‘Hey, we’re trying to win. We’re going to win each and every week.’ That’s their mindset over there. ‘We’re going to win.’ When you get over there, everybody knows they’re not going to get that Tom Brady-Bill Belichick, the two best to ever do it. It’s not even a discussion.

“Once you get into that, you buy into that role like, ‘Hey man, we got a chance.’ Once you buy into that it’s like, ‘OK, I understand why people [are] ready when they get over here.’ It’s a mindset, the culture and all that stuff. Once you walk into that building, it’s go time. Ain’t no bulls--t like, ‘Let’s get this win.’ We all know what we’re here for.”

Patterson, currently a do-it-all offensive player for the Atlanta Falcons, appeared in 15 regular season games and 3 playoff contests for the Patriots in 2018. He saw action as a wide receiver, running back and kickoff returner.