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Ever wonder who has the best R&B playlist in the NFL? Patriots defensive tackle Davon Godchaux says it’s him

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At 2-3 the New England Patriots are middle of the pack five weeks into the NFL season. However, it appears they do lead the league in one important category: their locker room features the creator of the best R&B playlist in football.

Well, that’s at least what defensive tackle Davon Godchaux was claiming during a press conference on Thursday.

“I got the best R&B playlist in the whole NFL,” he said. “I’ll challenge anybody on that.”

Godchaux did not go into great detail, but he gave some insight into his playlist and how it came to be.

“My R&B playlist is the best and it got a little Jagged Edge; got some Usher; some Boyz II Men; some Maxwell,” he said. “Me personally, I don’t want to hear rap music 24/7. I mean, I get tired of it. I don’t want to hear like, you know how it is. I don’t want to hear it 24/7. I like to slow the tempo down.”

A first-year Patriot, Godchaux has taken on a prominent role along the team’s defensive line this season. Apparently, he did so on the turntables as well.