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Julian Edelman’s fantasy football team has the best name

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Julian Edelman announced his retirement from the NFL earlier this year, but he still has a close connection to the game. Not only is he working as an analyst now, the long-time New England Patriots wide receiver apparently is also playing fantasy sports.

On Tuesday, he took to social media to ask some advice and in the process of doing so also revealed his team’s name. Needless to say that it is perfect:


While the name is certainly an elite homage to long-time Patriots research director Ernie Adams and Edelman’s former jersey number (11), it seems as if the team carrying that name is not on the same level. The screenshots Edelman shared on social media reveal that he is only 9th out of 10 participants in his league with a 2-6 record after eight weeks.

His caption “I feel like the new kid in school here, someone help….” is therefore quite appropriate.