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Matthew Judon delivers a controversial food take ahead of Thanksgiving: ‘Get macaroni and cheese off the table’

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Matthew Judon has been a find for the New England Patriots this year. The free agency addition is playing at a Pro Bowl level and leading the team in quarterback disruptions.

He also is the clubhouse leader for controversial food takes. Why? He does not like macaroni and cheese. At all.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Judon was asked about his favorite Thanksgiving side. He did answer the question eventually, but wrapped it into an anti-mac and cheese rant.

“I’m not even going to answer your question. I’m going to tell you: we have to get macaroni and cheese off the table. All right, guys? It’s just cheese and noodles. I’m getting on my soap opera. It’s just cheese and noodles and it’s not that good,” Judon said. “Let’s be honest, guys. Everybody here is probably a little lactose [intolerant], so it messes up our stomachs. And we have to get it off the table. It’s probably one of the most overrated dishes.”

Judon went on to explain that dressing is his favorite side, but he went straight back to mac and cheese after the answer.

“Get macaroni and cheese off the table and it will be a much better Thanksgiving for everybody in the house,” he said. “I have never liked macaroni and cheese. You know how they say, ‘Your taste buds change every seven years, you just have to...’ Every time I try it it’s the same thing. It’s never going to change. It’s never going to get better, all right? I’m almost 30 now; I’m pretty set in my ways, and it’s disgusting.

Get it off the table! The bathrooms will be less busy and everybody will have a better day. So, if you want to have a good Thanksgiving, don’t cook macaroni and cheese.”

Judon, however, know that he is in a difficult spot with his position.

“My whole family loves it, my brothers and sisters,” he said. “My mom cooks it in a big pan. They know not to put it on my plate, or that’s fighting words. All right? I’m going to have to fight everybody in the house one by one. And I will wait until they eat their macaroni and cheese, get sluggish, and then I’m going to whoop them.”