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Dan Orlovsky: ‘Mac Jones is the best rookie quarterback I have ever seen’ in these 3 categories

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New England Patriots starting quarterback Mac Jones has had his fair share of rookie mistakes in the first eight games of his NFL career, but he is still off to an impressive start. Playing in one of the most complex offenses in the game, the 15th overall selection of this year’s draft has adapted quickly to playing against pro-level opposition.

Accordingly, he has earned plenty of praise from teammates and analysts alike — including former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky, who spoke about Jones in a recent ESPN segment.

“I think Mac Jones is the best rookie quarterback I have ever seen when it comes to knowing who to throw to, when to throw it, and then how to throw it,” Orlovsky said.

Breaking down three plays from the Patriots’ win over the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 8 — a game Jones himself did not classify as one of the best of his career — Orlovsky took a dive into the youngster’s abilities as a passer at this early stage in his development. At the end of the segment, he again shared his thoughts on the 23-year-old.

“The ability to know when to throw the football, where to throw the football, and how to throw the football so quickly is the best I’ve ever seen from a rookie quarterback.”