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The new ‘Ted Lasso’ trailer is roasting the New York Jets

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The critically acclaimed comedy hit Ted Lasso will be back on Apple+ this year, with the show’s second season debuting on July 23rd. In order to get fans ready, a trailer was released on Tuesday that features a sneak-peak into what lies ahead — and also a savage line about the NFL’s New York Jets.

The quick scene features the following dialogue between Jason Sudeikis as the eponymous title character as well as Brendan Hunt in his role as assistant, Coach Beard:

Ted Lasso: Back home when a team was playing poorly we don’t call them unlucky. What do we call them, coach?

Coach Beard: New York Jets.

While the show itself is about Ted Lasso coaching a soccer team in the United Kingdom, there are ties to the game of (American) football as well. This is one of them — and one that fans of the New England Patriots certainly will appreciate as well.