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Wide receiver Kendrick Bourne announces his jersey number with the Patriots

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When Kendrick Bourne entered the NFL as an unrestricted rookie free agent in 2017, he was initially given the No. 10 jersey by the San Francisco 49ers. With the team acquiring quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots via trade later that year, however, he switched numbers and was given No. 84.

Bourne has worn that jersey ever since, and established himself as a valuable member of San Francisco’s passing offense as that No. 84 over the next three seasons. But while he has since changed teams and moved to the Patriots via a three-year, $15 million free agency deal signed last month, it seems as if Bourne will be able to keep his number.

As he announced on an Instagram post on Tuesday, he will wear No. 84 in New England this season:

#84 we official!

Over the years some productive players have worn that jersey for the Patriots — from Art Graham, Darryl Stingley and Shawn Jefferson before the dynasty to Ben Watson, Deion Branch and Cordarrelle Patterson after it started. Now, Bourne will try to keep adding to No. 84’s legacy in New England.