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Trey Lance gave a perfect answer when asked about a Zoom call with the Patriots

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Whether or not Trey Lance will turn into a great NFL quarterback one day remains to be seen, but he is already looking like a veteran during a recent media tour ahead of the 2021 NFL draft. One stop also included a phone interview on the Rich Eisen Show.

The interview also saw him get asked about possibly having been in touch with the New England Patriots during the scouting process. However, the North Dakota State quarterback did not take the bait:

RE: How was your Zoom with Bill Belichick, how did that one go?

TL: I actually did not say that I had a Zoom with Coach Belichick.

RE: Yes! You are a veteran, Trey! Well done, very well done. You read the blitz, you saw me coming off the edge and you looked me off.

TL: I didn’t take the bait.

RE: But it was good, right? Belichick, it was good?

TL: I definitely did not ever say that. So, I don’t know.

Belichick certainly would be proud of Lance’s ability to say nothing while answering a media question.