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Trent Brown to Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones: ‘Come be a Patriot!’

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On Monday morning, wide receiver Julio Jones spoke with FS1’s Shannon Sharpe live on the air to drop a bombshell via the phone: he will not be back with the Atlanta Falcons in 2021, at least according to himself.

Whether or not a trade will eventually materialize at one point remains to be seen, but Jones very much appears to be on his way out after 10 seasons with the club. One possible trade destination? The New England Patriots, who have plenty of cap space even after an aggressive free agency spending spree.

Adding Jones to the mix would be par the course for the team this offseason, and one of its members is already trying to lure the wideout aboard: offensive tackle Trent Brown, who himself returned to New England via trade earlier this year, took to social media to share a simple message for Jones: “Come be a Patriot!”