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NFL Draft 2021: Patriots rookie Tre Nixon reacts to getting hand-picked by Ernie Adams: ‘What an honor’

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With Ernie Adams’ career as a significant part of the New England Patriots’ college player scouting process coming to an end, the team honored him on the final day of this year’s NFL Draft. Head coach/general manager Bill Belichick gave a speech in the draft room, and later invited the team’s long-time research director to make the Patriots’ final selection.

That pick was Central Florida wide receiver Tre Nixon, who was selected by New England with the 242nd overall choice in the seventh round. For Nixon, getting hand-picked by Adams is an honor as he pointed out on social media shortly after his new team shared a video of Belichick’s speech and Adams’ decision:

Wow!! What an honor. Can’t wait to get up there and get to work. God is great

Nixon was not the first player selected by Adams: as Belichick noted in his draft room speech, he also was the person responsible for New England drafting fellow wide receiver David Givens in the seventh round in 2002. That pick turned out well, with Givens winning two Super Bowls in New England while catching 193 passes for 2,538 yards and 19 touchdowns.