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Could the Patriots be getting a uniform update soon?

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The NFL Draft is in the books, and it brought a lot of new faces to the New England Patriots. Could it also have been a teaser for what lies ahead in terms of the team’s uniform? A photo that was by David Slivka on Twitter taken at the NFL Fan Experience in Cleveland over the weekend shows the Patriots uniform with a slight modification.

The top half is the old color rush jersey, which looks slightly different than the one that was adopted as New England’s home uniform in 2020 (see: the font). The bottom half, however, is where things get interesting: the mannequin is wearing silver pants, even though the Patriots switched to navy-colored ones as part of their new look introduced last year:

Could they be planning a move back to the old navy-and-silver combo — albeit slightly altered to reflect the new jersey design — that was worn the previous two decades? It is possible, especially given that the team was rumored to have considered keeping its silver pants even after 2020’s redesign.

However, one also cannot rule out that the organizers of the NFL Fan Experience simply did not have the correct combination available. While that seems unlikely given how meticulous the league is about its visual representation, mistakes do happen.

Either way, the Patriots will be worth watching closely this year — not just the players they acquired during the draft and in free agency, but also what they will be wearing.