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Patriots QB Mac Jones’ first Madden rating has been revealed

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“It’s not about where you start, it’s where you finish,” New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones said when his Madden NFL 22 rating was revealed. The rookie, who was picked with the 15th overall selection in this year’s draft, received a 71 overall rating as was revealed on social media recently.

His rating makes Jones the fifth-best rookie at his position. Given that he was the fifth passer to come off the board in late April, this makes plenty of sense.

First overall selection Trevor Lawrence (Jacksonville Jaguars) is the highest rated first-year QB with an overall score of 78. Zach Wilson (New York Jets) received a 75 rating, meanwhile, with Trey Lance (San Francisco 49ers) and Justin Fields (Chicago Bears) both coming in at 74. The highest rating among all rookies belongs to tight end Kyle Pitts, who scored an 81.

Madden does update its ratings regularly, however, meaning that Patriots fans will have to hope that Jones’ will end up considerably higher than his current one.

For comparison, incumbent New England starting QB Cam Newton ended the 2020 season with a 75 overall score.

More ratings will be revealed throughout the week, with the game itself set to be released on August 20.