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Steve Belichick on the Patriots’ mullets: ‘They’re all unique, and they’re all very special in their own ways’

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NFL: AUG 12 Preseason - Washington Football Team at Patriots Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Steve Belichick, David Andrews and Harvey Langi all have different roles in the New England Patriots organization. Belichick is the team’s outside linebackers coach, Andrews its starting center, and Langi a reserve member of the linebacker and special teams group.

However, there is one thing that unites the three men other than their team affiliation: the mullet. All three are sporting the hairstyle that was popularized in the 1980s.

I had the first one of all of them, so they all followed me,” Belichick said. “But one thing I’d like to say about mullets is that it’s a very unique haircut. All of ours are very different. Can’t say that about a lot of haircuts, so I’m just happy to have some friends in the mullet group.”

Belichick was asked to rate the other mullets on the team, but he refused to do so. Instead, he spoke about how each one of them would be unique.

“I don’t know who’s better or who’s worse, that’s an individual opinion,” he said. “But I do know that I was first and they followed me, so however you guys want to rank them, that’s your guys’ job. I’m just happy to have a little group of us with mullets, so no rankings for me. But they’re all very unique, and they’re all very special in their own ways.”