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Photo: Take a first look at the Gillette Stadium field in its throwback design

This Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions will see the return of the New England Patriots’ throwback uniforms after a 10-year hiatus. The organization is making a full commitment to the retro theme, though, and has gone beyond its jerseys and helmets in creating an old-school feeling this week.

One part of it will be the field design. Work on the Gillette Stadium turf was done throughout Friday to modify the two end zones as well as the team logo at the 50-yard line. That modification was a return to the team’s roots, going back to the classic Pat Patriot design worn between the early days of the franchise in the 1960s and a redesign in the early 1990s.

Later on Friday, the Patriots’ social media team shared the result of the work: the former mascot proudly displayed in the middle of the field, with the end zones reading “PATRIOTS” in the team’s historic font used in the late 1980s.

Re-designing the field and having the team wear the old uniforms is only part of the throwback theme. The Patriots also updated its online and social media presence and will hand out rally towels to the fans in attendance for Sunday’s matchup with the Lions. Additionally, team legend Andre Tippett will open the locker room door pre-game.