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Patriots Hall of Famer Vince Wilfork slams Mac Jones for in-game outbursts

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Vince Wilfork is no fan of Mac Jones’ emotionality during games. Appearing on NBC Sports Boston recently, the New England Patriots Hall of Famer criticized the sophomore quarterback for his on-field behavior.

“I’m tired of that,” Wilfork said. “You’re the leader of this team, you’re a quarterback. You can’t be frustrated every single week, every single play. I don’t care if you’re getting the play call in late, or whatever it may be. At the end of the day, you have to show some poise because you operate the ship; you’re head of the ship when you’re out there.

“And then you got the teammates looking at you every week, and every other play is this, that and the other. Control what you can control. That’s all you can do.”

Jones spoke about the topic on Wednesday, not seeing any issue with his emotional approach to the game.

“It’s a big part of the game, playing with passion and emotion,” he said. “I think the best players on every team do that. You can’t let it affect your next play, that’s the biggest thing. Which it hasn’t. It’s all about fixing the things that pop up in a game, right? So, sometimes when they’re reoccurring, we just want to fix them and move on to the next play.

“That’s something that definitely — that’s who I am and that’s how I’ve always been. I want to just be a great teammate however I can be and be a leader too. You want to show positivity as well. When we do things well, I try to do that. We want to do more things well and try to fix the things that we’re working through. That’s all you can do. It’s a game. It shows that you care. I think we have guys that care on our team. I definitely care.”