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A Patriots fan won $30,000 on the ill-fated final play against Raiders

New England Patriots (24) Vs. Las Vegas Raiders (30) At Allegiant Stadium Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The New England Patriots lost their Week 15 game against the Las Vegas Raiders in spectacular fashion, with the team doing a series of ill-fated laterals that ended up in the hands of the Raiders’ Chandler Jones. Jones returned the ball for the game, winning it on the final play to break what had been a 24-24 tie up until this point.

While all of New England was left in stunned disbelief, one fan was probably left a little less sad about the outcome: according to NESN’s Zack Cox, he placed a $25 13-team parlay and the Patriots losing ended up winning him $30,000:

The Patriots were not quite as lucky with the outcome of their game in Las Vegas. The 30-24 loss dropped them to 7-7 on the season and out of the playoff picture. Their postseason hopes took another the following week with a home loss against Cincinnati.

Nonetheless, the team is still in control of its playoff destiny and will qualify for the tournament by winning its final two games of the season.