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Watch Patriots team captain Matthew Slater play ‘Who tweeted that?’

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Matthew Slater is the prototypical Bill Belichick-era Patriot. Not only is he arguably the best special teams player in NFL history, a three-time world champion, and a long-time team captain for the New England Patriots, Slater also is not necessarily well-versed when it comes to social media.

As opposed to the team he plays for or most of his teammates, Slater does not have any accounts on Snapface and the like. The Patriots’ own social media team took advantage of his isolation from that world, inviting him to play a game called “Who tweeted that?” at this year’s Pro Bowl.

Slater was given seven statements tweeted by his teammates and had to guess who was the author. While he does have some hits, it appears he has a better connection with them in the real world rather than through the internet. Either way, the product is an entertaining one — at least for those watching.