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Tom Brady keeps adding fuel to the fire about a potential comeback from retirement

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL earlier this offseason, but it did not take long for the rumors about a potential comeback to start to fly. After all, the long-time New England Patriots quarterback, who spent the last two seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, never used the word “retirement” during or after his announcement.

Needless to say that his latest public statements will do nothing but add fuel to the fire: Brady appeared on SiriusXM last night to talk about a variety of topics, and he also touched on the uncertainty about his future.

“I tell you, I wish I had a clear vision of what the future holds, but I think for me, there’s a lot of great things and a lot of great opportunities that I know I said right after football season I was looking forward to spending time with my family,” Brady said. “And I’ve done that the last five weeks. And I know there’ll be a lot more of that, too. So, you know, I like staying busy, that’s for sure.

“I played a little bit of golf and I’m actually gonna see my parents tonight, which will be a real highlight for me on their turf. I’ll be sleeping in the same bed I slept at when I was a kid. I don’t think my mom knows I’m coming home yet. So it’s just between my dad and I, it is a little bit of a surprise. So looking forward to that, looking forward to some golf in the next few days and some more family time, and then we’ll figure out where we go from there.”

Brady spent the first two decades of his career in New England, winning six Super Bowls and establishing himself as the greatest quarterback of all time. He left for Tampa Bay in 2020, winning a seventh championship in his first season.

Earlier this year, the 44-year-old called it a career. However, the retirement has not officially been processed yet. While such a move will likely come after June 1, Brady has not shut down any comeback rumors yet.