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Actor Mark Wahlberg teases biopic about Patriots head coach Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick to the big screen? According to actor and Dorchester native Mark Wahlberg it might happen.

Appearing at a screening of his new movie, Father Stu, in Boston on Tuesday night, Wahlberg teased a biopic about the New England Patriots’ head coach.

“Hopefully, look out for a Bill Belichick biopic in the near future,” the 50-year-old told reporters on site. A lifelong Patriots fan, Wahlberg has collaborated, among others, with long-time New England quarterback Tom Brady in the past.

Now, it appears he has set his sights on the NFL’s best head coach.

Back in February, Wahlberg told Variety that he would “love to play Bill Belichick” in a movie. No additional details other than this statement and the one on Tuesday are available just yet, however.

Belichick would, of course, not be the first NFL coach honored with a movie. Just earlier this year, Home Team hit theaters across the country: a bizarre-looking movie about former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton, starring Kevin James in the lead role.