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Mike Lombardi rips into the Patriots for playing ‘anti-Belichick’ football

New England Patriots v New York Giants Photo by: 2015 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Things are looking dire for the New England Patriots. They are 1-2, lost their starting quarterback for the foreseeable future with an ankle injury, and have not looked good on the offensive side of the ball.

Where there is futility, there is criticism, and one of the loudest voices thus far is actually a former Patriots staffer: Mike Lombardi, who recently ripped into the team on his GM Shuffle podcast.

New England is not doing anything they stand for,” Lombardi said. “They want to avoid losing before they win. As much as I like Mac Jones, I thought Mac Jones would protect the ball and play smarter than he’s played. Now he’s hurt with the high ankle. To me, he was in danger of either changing what he did, or he is going to lose his job. You’re not going to play in the NFL if you keep turning the ball over the way he was.”

Lombardi went on to talk about about how turnovers are the major problem for the team, and defining it and its quarterback — Mac Jones — at the moment. Jones has thrown five interceptions and also lost a fumble, single-handedly being responsible for six of New England’s league-high eight turnovers.

“I’ve never seen a New England team like this,” added Lombardi. “This is so anti-Belichick. It’s so not who they are in that building. They just haven’t been themselves. And you can say, ‘Well, they don’t have an offensive coordinator!’ It’s not the plays. It’s the mistakes they’re making in the game.

You can blame it on the coaches all you want; I think that’s pretty naïve if you want to do it. ... Everything they do goes right back to their ability to protect the football. It’s as simple as it is.”