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Ex-NFL head coach Rex Ryan: ‘This might be Bill Belichick’s best coaching job yet’

Despite the New England Patriots fighting for their playoff lives, former NFL head coach and current ESPN analyst Rex Ryan believes that 2022 could be one of Bill Belichick’s finest coaching jobs yet. Appearing on Get Up on Monday morning, Ryan praised his long-time coaching rival.

“When I look at it, because I compare the current New England roster to when I coached against them, there’s one player on that team that would have started for those teams — and that’s Matt Judon,” Ryan said. “Everything else, none of those guys would have started. That’s why I call it a JV team.

“But the roster may be JV, but the coaching’s not. This dude has done an amazing job. Might be his best year coaching that I’ve ever seen. And what he does is he plays to the strength of this team. You have a great defense. And here’s the thing about that defense: it doesn’t just stop you or make you punt, or whatever, it forces turnovers. But that’s not it, they score with those turnovers.”

The Patriots are currently at 8-8, and while on the inside track to a postseason spot are facing a daunting task. They need to beat the AFC’s potential No. 1 seed (and Ryan’s former team), the Buffalo Bills, on the road in Week 18 to control their own destiny.