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Patriots cornerback Christian Gonzalez posts update after undergoing surgery

New England Patriots cornerback Christian Gonzalez underwent surgery on a torn labrum this week, and he took to social media afterwards to give the all clear:

Surgery went good! Thank you for all the prayers

The Patriots’ first-round draft pick earlier this year, Gonzalez was in the middle of an impressive rookie season when he hurt his shoulder during a Week 4 loss against the Dallas Cowboys. That injury prompted the team to send him to injured reserve shortly thereafter, and now forced him to undergo a medical procedure as well.

While the 21-year-old is theoretically eligible to come back later during the season, the belief is that he will not. As a consequence, Gonzalez will end his rookie season with just four in-game appearances as well as one interception and a sack.

The Patriots went out to reacquire veteran J.C. Jackson via trade in light of losing the rookie.