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Bill Belichick gives predictable answers when asked about his contract extension

Before Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills, a report broke that Bill Belichick had quietly signed a multi-year contract extension with the New England Patriots during the offseason. That extension also was mentioned during his post-game press conference following his team’s 29-25 victory.

Belichick’s answer — or lack thereof — did not come as a surprise, as a look at the full transcript shows:

Q: Hi. There’s been a lot of discussion as of late about your contract extension. Is there anything you would like to share with Patriots fans about –

BB: Yeah, I never talk about my contract. I focus on the game and try to focus on Buffalo. Now I’ll focus on Miami. Yeah, you can count on that.

Belichick was pretty clear in his response to that question, but that did not stop WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show to try again on Monday morning. Again, to no avail.

Q: You know you said last night you don’t talk about your contract, but are you happy to finally have some job security at this point?

BB: Yeah, I’m not talking about that.

Some light-hearted follow-up remarks about Belichick maybe negotiating a little extra vacation time or a new office into the deal were not even honored with a one-sentence response: they were met with silence.

So, no, the future Hall of Famer will not talk about his contract.