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Pharaoh Brown is the top-ranked tight end in the NFL, at least according to PFF

Move over Travis Kelce, there is a new top tight end in town.

As spotted by our friend Dakota Randall, Pro Football Focus has updated its tight end rankings and a familiar face reigns supreme: Pharaoh Brown of the New England Patriots is now the top tight end in the game.

Brown’s 93.3 grade is tops among the position group, and a cut above Kelce’s 88.7. Brown makes the difference in all three categories looked at by PFF: he is the top-ranked receiving tight end (95.4) and also tops Kelce in run blocking (65.3) and pass protection (71.0).

Obviously, PFF grades are not the be-all and end-all of player evaluation. But even if the grading scheme at times appears quite arbitrary, the fact that Brown is getting some recognition is nice for a player who arrived in New England with little fanfare after he was cut by the Indianapolis Colts in late August.

In eight games as a Patriot, Brown has caught seven passes for 170 yards and a touchdown.