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Saints quarterback Derek Carr reacts to ‘mentally taxing’ win over Patriots

The New Orleans Saints delivered the biggest home loss of the Bill Belichick era, beating the New England Patriots 34-0 in Week 5. Despite the lopsided result, quarterback Derek Carr spoke about the challenges he faced in the game.

“I’m tired. It is mentally taxing,” he said about going against the Patriots. “They do a great job with personnel groupings, putting sub defense, playing base fronts. You’ve got to get everybody on the same page so we’re blocking the right guys.

“They do a great job of trying to mix those things up, and different pressure looks, not running the ball into those, and making sure they’ll hold the disguise until the play clock’s at two seconds. And you have to make sure you’re right to help the team.”

Carr ended the game completing 18 of 26 passes for 183 yards as well as two touchdowns.

“Coach Belichick is, like I said before, is one of, if not the best coach of all time. So, any time you go against him as a quarterback, it’s a tough out, it’s a tough day,” said Carr. “But you try to be efficient and make the best decisions, do your film study during the week, which is a tall task, but I’ll be asleep on the plane, probably.”