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Adam Schefter: Patriots offense ‘isn’t going to look the same’ against Raiders this week

The New England Patriots have vowed to start over after back-to-back blowout losses, but what exactly that means remains to be seen. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, however, the belief is that the offense in particular is not going to look the same heading into a Week 6 game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

“What Bill has said, is Bill has said, that he’s sticking with Mac [Jones]. That he’s the one,” Schefter said on the Pat McAfee Show (as transcribed by NESN’s Dakota Randall). “I think everyone across the league looks at it and says, ‘Well, they’re going to be doing something.’ What is it that they’re going to be doing? Because Bill Belichick is coming off maybe the two worst losses of his career in back-to-back weeks. The offense has been inept. It has not gotten the job done. So you know that they’re not going to stand pat. That they’re going to be doing something. So the question is, what is that?

“And Bill has said that he’s standing behind the quarterback for now. We’ve heard other head coaches say similar things before only to go a different route during the week. So, let’s see where that goes. But, look, I think it’s fair to say that, when they play the Las Vegas Raiders this week, that the offense isn’t going to look the same. What that means, we’ll find out as the week evolves.”

The Patriots were blown out 38-3 and 34-0 in consecutive weeks. Afterwards, head coach Bill Belichick said that Mac Jones would still be the team’s quarterback but that the plan would be to “start over again.”

Kickoff between the Patriots and Raiders at Allegiant Stadium is scheduled for 4:05 p.m. ET on Sunday.