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Jason McCourty expects Bill Belichick to leave Patriots after this season

The future of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick in light of his team’s 2-8 start is one of the biggest stories in the NFL right now. And while nothing appears set in stone just yet, one former member of the organization expects the two sides to part ways after the 2023 season.

Appearing on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, Jason McCourty said that he can see a do-over for the entire team this coming offseason.

“Got a chance to go to a Robert Kraft party the night before the game, and Kraft talked about that it had been 10 years in the making to get the New England Patriots to be playing a football game in Germany. He emphasized how bad he wanted to win that game,” McCourty said.

“When you watched the way the New England Patriots played — you see that Mac Jones interception at the end of the game and then Bailey Zappe coming in to finish that game — it kind of gives you a small snapshot of what the Patriots’ season has been like. ... I think obviously [Belichick] finishes out the season; I don’t think Robert Kraft is going to move on from Bill Belichick during the season, but I do believe at the end of this season Bill moves on.”

McCourty added that he has the impression Belichick still wants to continue coaching, and will do that for another club. As far as the Patriots, however, he believes “they blow this thing up at the end of the season.”