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Mike Garafolo: ‘It just feels like time for Bill Belichick to move on from New England’

Mike Garafolo is one of the most-connected people in the NFL, and he believes that Bill Belichick’s tenure as New England Patriots head coach might be coming to an end after the season. Appearing on The NFL Report, Garafolo spoke about Belichick’s outlook and based on what he called “informed speculation” is leaning toward the future Hall of Famer leaving the Patriots after 24 seasons.

“It just feels like time for Bill Belichick to move on from New England,” Garafolo said. “He’s not saying much, Kraft isn’t saying much, so there’s going to be a lot of speculation. But I will say, I’ve had conversations with people in the building, and they say that they’re kind of feeling the same thing as well. Let’s see how it plays out.

“It doesn’t feel like Bill Belichick’s the kind of guy that wants to just sail off into retirement. There will be opportunities — some have speculated about Washington and its proximity to Annapolis; you know about his Navy connections and his feel for the area down there. We shall see.”

Belichick is reportedly still under contract with the Patriots through 2024, meaning that the options available for team ownership include firing the 71-year-old or trading him to another team such as the aforementioned Washington Commanders. Obviously, keeping him around still could be an option as well, but the rumblings appear to be growing louder.