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Patriots defensive tackle Carl Davis slams Ravens’ strength coaches after recent NFLPA survey

In light of the NFLPA releasing results of a player survey into each team’s facilities and work environment, New England Patriots defensive tackle Carl Davis took to Twitter to slam one of his former teams. Davis claimed that he fell “victim” to the Baltimore Ravens’ strength coaches during his time there between 2015 and 2017.

The Ravens’ strength coaches received the rare F- grade.

“Players do not feel like the strength staff helps them be more successful,” the NFLPA consensus read. “The team recently parted ways with Head Strength Coach Steve Saunders, so we will be interested to see if this area improves in his absence.”

Overall, Baltimore ranked 17th of 32 teams in the NFL. The Patriots, for comparison, ranked 24th but they did not receive a failing grade like the Ravens.

Davis spent the last three seasons in New England, but is headed for unrestricted free agency later this month.