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Patriots safety Jabrill Peppers reveals new jersey number

Jabrill Peppers will be wearing a new jersey number in 2023. The veteran safety, who signed a new contract last month to stay with the New England Patriots for two more seasons, announced on Twitter on Thursday that he had moved from his previous No. 3 to No. 5.

Peppers has a history with that particular jersey number, donning it during his college career at the University of Michigan. The eventual 2017 first-round draft pick went on to wear No. 22 with the Cleveland Browns and No. 21 with the New York Giants.

Arriving in New England in 2022, he took advantage of the NFL’s modified numbers rules to move into the single digits and go with No. 3. With quarterback Brian Hoyer, who wore No. 5 with the Patriots last season, now released, the door has been opened for Peppers to go back to his old college number.