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Ex-Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski labels Mac Jones trade rumors as ‘fake news’

The future Hall of Famer is not buying reports about the Patriots shopping Jones.

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

Count Rob Gronkowski among those not buying rumors that the New England Patriots would seriously consider trading quarterback Mac Jones. Appearing on the new episode of Up & Adams, he shared his thoughts rather clearly.

The former Patriots tight end labels the rumors as “fake news.”

“I think that was fake news,” Gronkowski said. “There was just too much turnover this year. He already got a new offensive coordinator that he brought in, the whole offensive staff was basically turned over this year and if you’re shipping your quarterback — that’s just too much turnover to have in the NFL in one season and to be able to compete the following year.

“So, I don’t think that’s real news, I think that’s fake news. But in the future if Mac Jones doesn’t put it together this year with Billy O’Brien and all that, I can see that being a possibility after this season. But I don’t think that was true over this offseason so far and I just have to stamp that as fake news.”

Earlier in the offseason, Gronkowski — who won three Super Bowls during his time in New England — shared his optimism about the Patriots hiring Bill O’Brien as offensive coordinator. The hope is that the entire unit and its third-year quarterback will take a step forward as a result.

The rumors about Jones possibly being on the trade block originated with a report on Tuesday, claiming the Patriots had “shopped” the former first-round draft pick to multiple teams this offseason. A series of follow-up reports disputed that notion, though.