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Zach Wilson the Jets’ ‘unquestioned quarterback’ even after bad performance against Patriots

Even though he played a disappointing game against the New England Patriots, third-year quarterback Zach Wilson will remain the New York Jets’ starter. In fact, as head coach Robert Saleh clarified on Monday, Wilson is “unquestioned” as the team’s QB1.

“He’s our unquestioned quarterback,” Saleh told reporters. “As long as he continues to show the way his preparation, the way he’s been practicing, and even in these games, he’s not the reason why we lost yesterday. It’s always a team effort. As long as he continues to show improvement — and I know it’s not, from a box score standpoint, it’s not showing — he’s going to be our quarterback.”

Wilson originally joined the Jets as the second overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft. However, after two unsuccessful seasons the team brought in future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers via trade to give the team a better chance at immediate success.

Rodgers, of course, went down with a torn Achilles four snaps into the season opener, forcing the team to turn back to Wilson. And while he did help lead the team to victory that day against Buffalo, he has struggled since.

In total, Wilson has completed just 44 of 84 pass attempts for 467 yards with two touchdowns and four interceptions.

He went 18-for-36 for 157 yards against the Patriots and was sacked four times — including once for a safety. The Jets lost 15-10.