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Community Guidelines


Hi and welcome to the Community Guidelines for this site. It is the intent of Pats Pulpit to provide a place where New England Patriots faithful can discuss our favorite team. Even if you're not of the faithful, read on, my friend. Can I call you my friend?


I don't have many guidelines, but I do believe they are for the good of the community, so here goes:

  • No Vulgarity - Please refrain from vulgarity (some would say profanity, but there is a technical difference; the curious may look it up). I am not a prude, but I do believe when one uses vulgarity in their writing, they can, more often than not, remove or replace it without loss of context.
  • Politics - Simply put, politics doesn't belong on this site. If you would like to discuss politics or your leanings to either the left or the right, feel free to a) find the appropriate blog or b) start your own. We talk football here, specifically the NFL and, more specifically, the New England Patriots.
  • Rivals - Please be aware, we are homers. There are times when we will openly display pride in our Patriots to the exclusion of all else. Be tolerant and aware of where you are; don't try to show us the error of our ways. We're all about laundry, much the same as you are. That being said, I like nothing more than learning from a rival's viewpoint. You bring a fresh mind to any discussion, a mind untainted by homerism. But, please help us understand your viewpoint in a respectful manner. More on that below...
  • Respect - If you can't treat others with respect, then you shouldn't be commenting, period. Personal attacks or claiming someone is stupid because of their opinion will get you the ban hammer. Respectfully disagreeing and attempting to educate (not preach) via knowledge and facts will gain you respect. If they choose not to listen, so be it.
  • Trolling - If you're here merely to incite and cause a ruckus, run along and find somewhere else to throw sand. Blogging superpowers will be employed at record speed and you will be banned.
  • Advertising - If you post with boat loads of pointers back to your site or you have a hyperlink in your sig, you will be considered a troll and a candidate for banning. You will also be reported to rival teams' bloggers for ban consideration. Yes, we do actually talk to each other.


It is the wish of this blog that we learn from each other. Everyone has something to offer and their viewpoint is to be respected. I LOVE a spirited debate; I think it can bring out the best in people. But, if it steers towards the personal, you have gone too far. You will get major props on this site for being the bigger person, for not responding for the sake of the greater good.

Most of all, let's learn together. This is a community of people with a similar desire - to discuss the New England Patriots. Let's keep it informative and, most of all, fun.