Injury update: Patriots wide receiver Mohamed Sanu will reportedly have to undergo surgery on his ailing ankle

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Wide receiver Mohamed Sanu’s first full season with the New England Patriots is apparently not off to a good start: according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the 30-year-old will have to undergo surgery on his injured ankle after it failed to properly heal over the course of the offseason. Sanu originally suffered a high-ankle sprain last November, and was forced to miss one game while remaining limited through the rest of the season.

When he hurt his ankle, Sanu was in his third game as a member of the Patriots: the veteran receiver started the 2019 season with the Atlanta Falcons, but was moved in exchange for a second-round draft pick prior to the NFL’s trade deadline. Once in New England, he immediately made an impact by filling the second receiver role alongside Julian Edelman and catching 12 passes for 104 yards and a touchdown in his first two games with the club.

His ankle injury, however, changed his trajectory: while Sanu eventually improved towards the end of the regular season, he failed to get on the same page as Tom Brady on numerous occasions — at least partially due to his ankle, one can presume. Despite his quick start, therefore, the ex-Falcon ultimately finished his first half-season in New England with nine in-game appearances and just 27 receptions for 218 yards and one touchdown.

Sanu is entering 2020 projected to be a top three wide receiver for the Patriots alongside Edelman and N’Keal Harry. That being said, the Patriots would save $6.5 million against their salary cap if they opted to part ways with him — a move that is unlikely, however, considering the team’s investment just four months ago.


Trade Just keeps getting better

Now that he is hurt I don’t think you can release him without an injury settlement. Does anyone know if that is true?

Pretty sure, especially since he injured it while playing

kinda like workmen’s comp

I'm not surprised

Some folks mentioned that Sanu should have been fine after a few weeks of a high ankle sprain, but that was optimistic. It all depends on degree, and serious high ankle sprains can take a year (even longer) to recover. On a personal note, it took me well over a year before the ankle felt normal and fully flexible, and I’m just a dude who sometimes runs.

There was 7 weeks between the injury and the wildcard game

The first time I noted this I also had the (footnote?) remark that he probably didn’t heal because he only sat one week and started playing again (at a poor level) for the rest of the season.

Cut him.

Sorry but this is a ruthless business, BB cuts people all the time. I don’t know if it was Sanu wanting to be back on the field or BB/coaching staff wanting him / persuading him to be. Either way now we are talking about Sanu’s ankle not even being recovered yet and needing surgery? 31 year old WR who only plays slot and has minimal impact on the outside, 6.5 million fully cleared.

Might sound harsh but as soon as I saw this article I came to one conclusion: Gotta release him now.

Releasing him would be harsh for the Patriots

Even with the surgery (which is probably minor) he’d have trade value, even if just a 5th round pick.

I'd take a fifth right about now...

Take a fifth to draft another Jordan Richards

Or Marshall Newhouse or a receiver that ends up on IR/PUP before Week 1 lol

BB has also drafted Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Devin McCourty

Jamie Collins, Vince Wilfork, Deon Branch, Donta Hightower, Chandler Jones, Julian Edelman, Trey Flowers….

Lets not act like theres only been busts

Sorry, I should have extrapolated

Trade him if possible first of course.

At this point I think it’s time to move on and clear that cap space, this news – even minor surgery – only makes the situation worse.

As you pointed out

he was playing hurt for the rest of the season and toughed it out anyway. As for releasing him, I’m not clear when they are on the hook for the 6.5. If they can cut him anytime without cap loss then they do not need to do that until they actually need the cap space. Once they find out what their FAs are asking, and whether or not it’s in the ballpark, then they can make that decision.

You don’t think he’ll be healthy in time for the regular season?

I never said that, but I also don't know if that's true

If he was not healthy and recovering up until now then it’s a possibility. He might not be 100% ligament wise by June-July, maybe not by August.

I think he will be "100%" as in fully ready to go sans the stuff that never heals or is janky for life after a career of playing football for 10 years+ from HS to NFL, so yeah. I just don’t think he’s that good and this is a further complication and variable.

How does a dump truck run?

On ankles, natural gas or gasoline?

I mean, this is kind of good news right?

It means that even after he "healed" he still wasn’t healthy. That means there is theoretically still possible improvement from last year and how he performs. The only other option was that he was just bad.

That's how I look at it

Same here. Let’s see how he does in camp / preseason before we cut him. If he’s fully healthy and gets back to his pre-ankle injury playing then it should work out.

It means he was willing to play injured

And that it’s possible his willingness to play injured resulted in the injury getting worse and needing surgery.

How long will he be out

following his ankle surgery? At least now we know why he played poorly.

Shouldn't be that long of a recovery period

Seems like Sanu has trouble with separation from bad news as well as DBs

Cut Bait With This Clown.

bad take

Sanu is an established veteran. We have plenty of years of tape showing that he can play well in the NFL. And he came to New England, got hurt, and played through an injury.

I’m not seeing any part of this that says "cut him".

or that he is a clown

I was a critic of the trade but reactions like this are why fans suck

If a guy sits out, he’s "soft". If he toughs it out and plays through an injury, he’s a "clown".

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