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Super Bowl 51

Movie Preview: The Great Brady Heist

Fox Sports Films explores the investigation of the theft - and safe return - of Tom Brady’s historic Super Bowl LI game-winning jersey

PICTURE: Patriots left Super Bowl defensive game plan on locker room whiteboard

Whoops. Someone’s going to get in trouble.

Patriots history re-imagined: It just takes one big play in the Super Bowl

Here are the less appreciated big plays in each of the Patriots seven Super Bowls under Bill Belichick.

IMAGE: Apparently the Texans didn’t clean up all the confetti after the Patriots Super Bowl LI victory

The Patriots found confetti by the field.

Super Bowl LI stadium footage of the Patriots game-winning overtime drive is worth your next 6 minutes

This footage is amazing.

Check out the player reactions to the Patriots 5th Super Bowl rings that troll the Falcons!

The Patriots are super excited about their latest championship rings!

PICTURE: FBI returns stolen Tom Brady Super Bowl jerseys to Foxboro

The Patriots have their jerseys back!

White House announces date for Patriots to visit President Donald Trump

The Patriots are set to go to the White House in April.

WATCH: Video shows how media member allegedly stole Tom Brady’s jersey

Watch how the FBI found their prime suspect in the theft of Tom Brady’s jersey.

Official New England Patriots Super Bowl 51 DVD is now available

Make sure to check it out!

P3 Ep. 070: Which Patriots free agents will stay in New England?

And some final reflections on Super Bowl LI.

Did Belichick and Brady predict Falcons would fall apart in the 3rd quarter?

And how Lady Gaga helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl.

Film Breakdown: Trey Flowers uses versatility to star in Super Bowl LI

The Patriots pass rusher is already one of the most dominant defenders on the team and plays every spot on the defensive line.

Malcolm Mitchell dominated comeback route in Super Bowl

The rookie receiver caused Falcons defenders to trip over their own feet.

Knowing ‘no opportunity is concrete,’ Malcolm Mitchell made the most of his

Fourth-rounder Malcolm Mitchell caught six passes for 70 yards in Super Bowl LI.

Film Review: Patriots ran same play twice in a row to score against the Falcons

If they couldn’t stop it the first time, why change?

How did James White’s Super Bowl compare to Vereen and Faulk?

White had a career day in the Super Bowl. How does he stack up to his Patriots predecessors?

Super Bowl Film Review: The Patriots’ two-point conversions

To come back from a 16-point fourth quarter deficit, the Patriots needed two touchdowns and two two-point conversions.

Julian Edelman glances back on his 23-yard catch in Super Bowl LI

“I wish I had done the route a little differently,” Julian Edelman told NFL Network’s David Carr.

WR Malcolm Mitchell had best postseason game by Patriots rookie receiver

The Patriots receiver has a bright future.

Patriots used up all three of their two point plays in the Super Bowl

The Patriots literally emptied their playbook against the Atlanta Falcons.

Tom Brady compares himself to Peyton Manning on crucial Super Bowl play

The Patriots quarterback drew a line from himself to the retired Colts and Broncos quarterback.

Patriots hold 3 of 4 worst rushing attacks for a Super Bowl champion

If you needed more evidence that Tom Brady carries the Patriots offense...

WATCH: Incredible video shows greatness of Tom Brady’s legacy

The Patriots quarterback gets the star treatment.

WATCH: Behind the scenes clips from Patriots Super Bowl LI victory

Patriots fans can watch the best behind the scenes video around.est behind the scenes video around.

Who should represent the New England Patriots for America’s Game special?

The Patriots are running out of options!

Sunday NFL Thoughts: Video of Goodell and Brady after Super Bowl

And a list of all the Patriots personnel folks that have been around the entire New England dynasty.

Comparing the 2000-16 Patriots to the greatest dynasties in NFL history

And the Patriots compare extremely well.

James White's game-winning touchdown was reviewed and legit

The NFL's Senior Vice President of officiating confirmed that James White's overtime touchdown that ended the Super Bowl was reviewed and the ruling of a touchdown was correct.

WATCH: RB James White receives MVP truck from Patriots fan Conan O’Brien

He didn’t win the award, but the Patriots running back received the prize.

How Danny Amendola became a second-half catalyst for Patriots

Through two quarters in Houston, Danny Amendola had one catch for 13 yards on three targets.

Did Bill Belichick dust off his Hall of Fame game plan from 1990 against the Falcons?

The Falcons weren’t the first high-flying passing offense that Belichick has grounded.

Julian Edelman, Dont’a Hightower lead Super Bowl LI Mic’d Up highlights

The Patriots were mic’d up for their Super Bowl victory and it was AMAZING.

Super Bowl Film Review: James White scores the game winner

A look at the film to dissect the score that won the Patriots their fifth Lombardi Trophy.

Two years after “Do Your Job”, Patriots file a new trademark for the 2016 season

The Patriots have their desired tagline.

James White on his OT touchdown: ‘I wasn’t thinking in that moment’

Super Bowl LI ended in James White’s hands, but the seconds that followed the running back’s overtime touchdown are hard for him to recall.