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Super Bowl 49

Patriots history re-imagined: It just takes one big play in the Super Bowl

Here are the less appreciated big plays in each of the Patriots seven Super Bowls under Bill Belichick.

PICTURE: FBI returns stolen Tom Brady Super Bowl jerseys to Foxboro

The Patriots have their jerseys back!

Patriots exec: Why Belichick didn’t call time out at end of Super Bowl XLIX

The Patriots had a trick up their sleeve.

NFL Network to re-air six features of the Patriots dynasty

NFL Network will air the America’s Game from the four previous Super Bowl, the Brady Six, and a replay of Super Bowl LI.

The Autumn of Tom Brady

The peaks of Tom Brady's career wouldn't mean the same if he didn't have the soulcrushing valleys.

Josh McDaniels' Masterstroke

The New England Patriots offensive coordinator just put together an All-Time performance in the playoffs.

Unprecedented: Brady Putting the Team on his Back

Tom Brady deserves the MVP award for the playoffs for his ability to put the entire Patriots offense on his back.

GNOTD: Center Bryan Stork Upgraded to "Probable"

In a final update on Saturday, the Patriots have upgraded their starting center's status for the Super Bowl.

Bill Belichick Coaching With Family on His Mind

The New England Patriots head coach is coaching a monumental game with his family on his mind.

If you Could Take One Player from the Seahawks...?

If you could take one player from Seattle and give them to the Patriots, who would it be and why?

Patriots and Seahawks Final Practice Report

Here's the final practice report of the season!

2015 Super Bowl: What the Patriots are Saying

What's going through the mind of a football player right before the biggest game of their career?

Rob Gronkowski and Marshawn Lynch on Conan O'Brien

In one of the postseason highlights, here's two of the biggest stars on both teams just goofing around.

Patriots, Seahawks Practice Reports; Ayers Limited

Reporting from Thursday's practice before the Super Bowl

Patriots Offensive Line Loves Crosswords

Offensive linemen do pretty weird things. Here's the Patriots big men and their favorite hobby.

Patriots Thursday Quotes

The Patriots are mostly done with their media obligations and can now just focus on football. Here are their final thoughts.

Full list of Rob Gronkowski prop bets

Rob Gronkowski is the best weapon at Tom Brady's disposal. As such there are plenty of opportunities to win some money on him in Super Bowl 49 prop bets. We break them all down.

Patriots and Seahawks on Second Half Lock Down

The two Super Bowl teams are great at stopping their opponents in the second half. How good are they?

2014 Super Bowl: Patriots Defensive Quotes

The Patriots defense takes the stand on media day to discuss the Super Bowl.

2014 Super Bowl: Patriots Offensive Quotes

The Patriots offense takes the stand on media day to discuss the Super Bowl.

Why gamblers are betting on the Patriots

The New England Patriots have emerged as a favorite in Super Bowl 49. We spoke with a sportsbook manager to get a better idea of why this is happening.

National Anthem prop bet preview

The National Anthem kicks off the Super Bowl, and you can bet on it! We break down some basic history, as well as the odds surrounding it.

All the prop bets for Super Bowl 49

Super Bowl 49 features a wide range of prop bets to consider. You can bet on just about anything, including what player will score first, how long the National Anthem will last, and even the coin toss.

Breaking down Super Bowl MVP odds

The arrival of the Super Bowl means the arrival of prop bets. One of the basic prop bets is who will win the MVP award. We take a look at the notable potential wagers.